A Changing Church. A Searching World. A Faithful God.

Five transformational commitments for our church

A prayer for our work together

Hands in prayer

Creator God, as we continue to work together on a new strategic plan for the Anglican Church of Canada:

We pray that we will be attentive to, and guided by, the Holy Spirit, leading us in God’s will.

Response: Lord, help us to embrace our changing church, reach out to your searching world, and be confident in your faithfulness.

We pray that the new plan will help us to be more like Christ, and more able to live out His teachings of radical love and discipleship. Response

We pray that God will give us the courage of spirit to engage in self-examination, and be willing to venture into new and difficult places. Response

We pray that we may listen broadly and carefully to the quiet and the loud voices and to the still, small voice of God. Response

We pray for openness, transparency, respectful communication and healing; for trust in the process, and stamina to see it through, that it may build us up in love. Response

We pray that this plan will be an instrument that God will use to unify the church across Canada, that together, we all may participate more fully in God’s mission. Response. Amen.