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Five transformational commitments for our church

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How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

—Psalm 133:1​

Today, the Church can be accessed from further distances than ever before. In many ways, we are able to worship and participate in groups not just linked to our local communities, but beyond our diocesan and civic borders, with more regularity and accessibility. The relationships within and connecting to the Church—from neighbourhood levels to across the globe—have been a part of Church ministries for decades. The opportunities in today’s contexts of connectivity and connection lead the way for our networks to be nurtured and deepened.

Download the video for offline viewing in congregations and/or other gatherings:

Bible study: Mutually Encouraged: Nurturing Right Relations Among People of Faith

This Bible study accompanies the video exploring the commitment of nurturing right relationships among people of faith in local, national and global communities and networks. It is commended for reflection in dioceses, parishes and other Anglican contexts across the country.

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