A Changing Church. A Searching World. A Faithful God.

Five transformational commitments for our church


The work of the mandate will be led by the Strategic Planning Group assigned by the Primate. The membership includes:

Ms. Judith Moses, Chair (Diocese of Fredericton)
Canon Ian Alexander (Diocese of British Columbia)
The Rev. Dr. Karen Egan (Diocese of Montreal)
Very Rev. Peter G. Elliott (Diocese of New Westminster)
Mr. Luke Gobbett (Diocese of Qu’Appelle)
Rev. Cynthia Haines Turner (Diocese of Western Newfoundland)
Ven. Valerie Kerr (Diocese of Niagara)
Ven. Naboth Manzongo (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)
Ms. Janet Marshall (Diocese of Toronto)
Very Rev. Alexandra Meek (Diocese of Edmonton)
Ms. Irene Moore Davis (Diocese of Huron)
Most Rev. Linda Nicholls (Primate)
Rev. Vincent Solomon (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)
Rev. Monique Stone (Diocese of Ottawa)
Very Rev. Peter Wall (Diocese of Niagara)

From the Office of General Synod:

Ven. Alan T. Perry, General Secretary
Mr. Joe Vesci, Director of Communications
Ms. Shannon Cottrell, Executive Secretary for Governance