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Five transformational commitments for our church

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Over the past few years and through the guidance of the Strategic Planning Working Group (SPWG), Anglicans from diverse backgrounds across the country gathered online. They gathered to listen to one another, to discern what is changing for them, and to share what their hopes, dreams and visions are for the future mission of their national church. From those conversations emerged five transformational aspirations.

The aspirations were affirmed by the Council of General Synod in March 2022. They are being tested and validated in dioceses and national church ministries, and will be presented to the next gathering of General Synod in 2023.

Bible study: Reflections on the Journey

This first Bible study accompanies the introductory video about the process that led to the Aspirations. The familiar Gospel story of the Journey to Emmaus was a touchstone for the SPWG and its listening groups during the difficult days of March 2020 and thereafter. We commend it for your reflection again now.

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How we got here

Read an introduction to the work of this strategic planning initiative, the membership of the planning group and listening groups, and discover our mandate.

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